Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate

Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate

Game involving puzzles, revealing mysteries and discovering hidden objects
3.0  (1 vote)
URSE Games
License type: Shareware

Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate is an nice game that will surely please all the people who enjoy solving puzzles, revealing mysteries and discovering hidden objects.
It comes with a movie-like story that makes the game more captivating. The application is very simple and could be a good option for kids, as the basic challenge is to find hidden objects and clues in order to receive hits and reveal new facts, or go to a next level.

There are not too many animations, only cartoon graphics. The soundtrack tends to become annoying, for which reasons even kids might start to be bored. The application is user-friendly and safe to use, however it is monotonous and lacks challenges. You could give it a try and recommend it to little girls. They might enjoy helping Kellie Stanford, the Hollywood stylist, to put on her make-up, jewelry, pack-on her things before escaping the gangsters who want to kill her, or discover the hidden objects for the heroine of the story. Boys might find it interesting to get away from the gangsters and mislead them, but they won't be too thrilled about the make-up and girl's stuff.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • User-friendly


  • Monotonous game, lacking challenges
  • The soundtrack can get annoying
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